Acid Reflux

Welling Clinic offers specially formulated Homeopathy treatment for GERD. Dryness of the mouth, putrid taste in the morning on walking and a sensation as if food had lodged under the sternum are characteristic symptoms of this remedy. Tongue coated with thick rough white fur; acidity and heart burn is well marked in this remedy. Food taste bitter, sour or putrid; water-brash and eructation tasting of food, No thirst, only a desire to moisten the mouth, Bad taste is special indication of Pulsatilla. It is especially useful for dyspepsia arising from fatty foods, pork, from pastry or mixed diets. The patient is chilly, but is worse from heat, Worse in the evening.

The individual needing carbo vegetabilis has heartburn characterized by belching, bloating, heaviness in the stomach and chest and distress from eating simple, plain foods. The person may have an aversion to foods like meats, milk and fats. A very common characteristic of the individual needing carbo vegetablis, is that they have a great desire for fresh air or for being fanned during attacks. The heartburn creates burning pains extending from the stomach toward the back and the patient experiences temporary relief from these symptoms during belching.

Commonly, acid reflux symptoms lead to no complications. Within a handful of instances, continued esophageal damage can result in scarring, which may possibly lead to the esophagus to narrow. The narrowing creates strictures and tends to make it hard to swallow. You might have visit the website dysphagia, a sensation that food is stuck within your esophagus. In some situations, cells inside the lining of your esophagus create an abnormal shape and colour in response to the continuous acid irritation. That is Barrett’s esophagus, which can develop into cancer.

I have gerd problem from 2.5 years. i have taken all allopathy,aurvedic and homeopathy medicines. but i cant get any major relife. my upper abdomen,chest have burning some times and more gas produce some time in upper abdomen some time in chest, some time in apposit chest in back some time i feel indigestion mouth dirty taste ,some time feel sour test of mouth. every time i feel disyness ,i feel i will fell down , some time feel bomting, when gas pass then feel well for some time. some time feel pain in abdomen. now suggest me what i will do.

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