Acid Reflux And Congestion In Infants

What are the differences between a human digestive system and a rats digestive system First and foremost, human beings being omnivorous creatures, do not have a specialized digestive system specially equipped to digest certain types of food. Unfortunately, it is usually a combination of causes that lead to the persistent cough, making it difficult to diagnose and treat. Let’s take, for example, respiratory allergy or sinus disease associated with post-nasal drip, underlying asthma and GERD. The post-nasal drip triggers the cough, and the GERD is worsened by the persistent cough, which intermittently raises intra-abdominal pressure, leading to increased acid reflux. Finally, post-nasal drip and GERD then irritate the airway, leading to activation of underlying asthma which in itself, worsens the cough. This sets up a pattern of an unremitting cough, unresponsive to treatment that is aimed at one or two of the underlying three entities need to be treated effectively in order to break this vicious cycle of chronic cough.

If your infant exhibits respiratory symptoms associated with acid reflux, a qualified pediatrician should make the diagnosis. Changes in feeding and positioning, change in maternal diet if breastfeeding and elimination of dairy foods are among the lifestyle changes frequently recommended to resolve pop over to these guys GERD in infants. Medications such as acid secretion suppressants and proton pump inhibitors may be prescribed. Over-the-counter versions should not be administered without a physician’s approval. For infants who are at risk for life-threatening complications, surgery may be an option.

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That’s why Jeff Martin, certified nutrition specialist (CNS), medical researcher, speaker and author had put together the 5-step Heartburn No More system to share this important information. After suffering from chronic acid reflux for more than a decade and after 11 years of research, trial and error, Jeff has helped over 154,928 people worldwide to discover the key to restoring intestinal balance, eliminating heartburn by fixing the root cause and thus achieving permanent freedom from all types of acid reflux.

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