Acid Reflux Vomiting

Do you ever feel a fiery, tingling sensation at the back of your mouth after eating a heavy meal or spicy foods? Acid reflux is a recurring physical phenomenon that involves the involuntary ascent of acid from the stomach into the esophagus. At the very least, this phenomenon causes a painful, hot sensation in the chest that some people will identify as heartburn. Sometimes the acid will rise higher and bring the taste of bile and stomach acid into the back of the palate. In very severe cases, people who suffer from acid reflux will need to periodically vomit the acid and the bile because the pressure of these fluids is so high.

Hi there, it sickens me to think that after all these years of suffering there is not a doctor that can tell u whats going on. Go now and get an endoscopy let them look inside your stomach. There is a solution to our problem but you must start there. Make them check your acid level and your gastrin level, very important. In the mean time try mint tea to calm your stomach stay away from cold water drink room temp only and dont let the doctor tell u what u are feeling, u tell them that is a big problem they dont listen. You will be anxious because u dont know whats happening to u. When i felt like that i used charcoal tablets with antigas and bloating they took away my pain and symptoms You can get them at most pharmacies over the counter. I dont leave home without them.

Change your eating patterns. Eat smaller meals and reduce your fat intake to curtail indigestion and keep your LES working as it should. Reflux and nausea can occur when your stomach is too empty, so try to eat smaller and more frequent meals. I get severe attacks which come on suddenly had me going and many times in the middle of the night. I throw up until I am heaving. Many times this includes a terrible mustard looking vile. I am not sure if this is just acid reflux and wonder if others experience this. Recently they have hit me t other times of the day or evening.

Throwing up is not that much different from acid reflux. The only difference is that in acid reflux, the stomach contents do not come all the way up. Of course once you have vomited, there is temporarily no more in your stomach, so you wont be having reflux for a while, but you will be getting stomach acid on your teeth. I can not see how that could possible be an improvement. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Tight-fitting clothes put additional pressure on your stomach, which can contribute to acid reflux and nausea. Loose-fitting clothes won’t add this pressure.

In order to prevent vomiting caused by acid reflux we need to learn to prevent acid reflux. In most cases home remedies for heartburn acid reflux will do a good job. Some times it may require medication. Your doctor is the best judge. However most of the acid reflux caused by stress and bad eating habits can be stopped by changing lifestyles. Vomiting can occur due to many underlying reasons. Acid reflux is just one of them. Frequent vomiting is certainly a cause of concern. You should seek medical help if you observe regular vomiting at least once in a week. Once it is established that the vomiting is being caused by acid reflux then you must start taking actions to stop it.

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