Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits For Acid Reflux

After getting heartburn during the day I discovered it was reflux causing my sore throat in the morning. Sometimes conventional treatments aren’t enough. Serious complications from acid reflux can include esophageal scarring or ulcers. To avoid these complications, your doctor may recommend a surgery called fundoplication In this procedure, the upper dig this part of your stomach is wrapped around the lower esophagus. This strengthens the esophageal sphincter to prevent reflux. In a study, it is stated that apple cider vinegar can prevent you from the attacks of acid reflux or heartburn but need more research to determine that apple cider vinegar is a consistent and effective way to treat the acid reflux.

Regular intake will help you to get rid of acid reflux and GERD. There are a couple of different recommendations as to how to use apple cider vinegar to help prevent heartburn. Drink this white vinegar water whenever you suffer from the attacks of heartburn or acid reflux. Use a small amount, such as a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and dilute it into a warm mug of water before or after a meal. While there’s very little research to support health claims tied to apple cider vinegar, the risk of trying it is generally low.

Apple cider vinegar can also cause low levels of potassium, which can cause cramping, weakness, and low blood pressure. While apple cider vinegar can help manage diabetes, it can also cause blood sugar levels to drop too much. Very recently I had a Massive acid reflux attack that had me up throughout the night and continued on the next day. It took me a couple days (where I was in constant reflux and lost weight because of it) but I grabbed tums from the pharmacy and while they worked, they only lasted for about an hour and a half at a time and my acid came back with a vengence afterward.

Apple cider vinegar may even help people with diabetes manage blood sugar Ingesting vinegar can raise your body’s insulin sensitivity. This allows the insulin to move glucose through your body and decrease your blood sugar levels. Your stomach may not have enough acid or you may eat foods low in acidity, resulting in acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar mimics the acid level of your stomach to help digest foods properly, according to Taking 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar before each meal may reduce symptoms, and continuing the practice for three to nine months may eliminate acid reflux. Organic apple cider vinegar may retain more of the natural enzymes.

With both advantages and disadvantages associated with the consumption of apple cider vinegar, it is preferable to consult a physician before adding it to your daily diet for managing acid reflux. Acid reflux (or acid indigestion) is caused when the stomach contents or acid coming back into the esophagus due to the improper close of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). It is a painful health problem that causes heartburn, abdominal pain, sour taste, bloating, burning sensation in the intestine, etc. Like so many people who have shared there experiences on the use of ACV, it has worked for me and I no longer take Nexium or any other pill for acid reflux. I can honestly say that, with some dietary changes in my life style, and 2 tablespoons of ACV mixed with 8 ounces of water after each meal, I’m cured of acid reflux disease.

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