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According a study published in Journal of Clinical Gastoenterology, scientists conducted a research on a group of healthy people. They were fed with high-fat meals on different days in order to induce heartburn. Immediately after having the meals, people were asked to sleep on one side or other for four hours. Certain devices were used to measure the esophageal acidity. As per the analysis, scientists have found that – people who have slept on right side had greater amount of reflux than people who slept on left side.

The pillow is made from ultra-comfortable 1.5 density urethane foam which adds perfect support. And the 1 inch memory foam will contour to the body and cradles you throughout the night. This high quality material guarantees a state of tranquility and comfort for long. All the products of this brand are aerated for 7 days which allows the odor of newly manufactured what do you think memory foam to dissipate. Its unique design and curved shape is perfect for anyone who wants to reduce acid reflux bouts. It features a symmetrical arm pocket which prevents you from sliding down during the sleep. This will also take off the pressure and strain on your shoulder and arms. Only medical grade materials are used for making this wedge pillow.

The incline of the pillow and size aid you to rest at 45 degrees, effectively allowing stomach acid to move down and remedy heartburn. Sleeping on an incline or angle of elevation helps to treat acid reflux, sometimes remedying it all together! Sleeping on a wedge pillow allows all stomach acids, gasses and other fluids that may be creating pain to move with gravity. This means instead of moving up; they move down, the way they should move. This memory foam wedge pillow by InteVision is trademarked to give a comfortable night’s sleep to those who are suffering from acid reflux or other sleeping problems. It’s topped with memory foam for an extra plush feel as addition to firm base polyurethane foam, giving a gentle support to the back and the trunk. Its steady elevated position keeps the airways open, helping those who are suffering from heartburns and GERD. The best wedge pillow to use for side sleepers.

Heartburn, belching and acid reflux are very common during pregnancy. As the uterus expands to make space for the growing baby, it puts pressure on the stomach. This enables the stomach acid to quickly crawl back into esophagus. If you are looking for a perfect wedge pillow that only prevents acid reflux but also support your baby bump then try MedCline. Medcline has special u shaped pillow apart from the elevated wedge. So, it is even more comfortable. These two issues are closely related as they are caused by same issue. However, they are different in medical terms. Acid reflux is caused when the stomach acid flows back into the esophagus. When having acid reflux, you may experience sour liquid or regurgitated food at the back of your mouth which causes burning sensation (heartburn).

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