Do I Have Acid Reflux Or GERD After Developing Stomach Flu?

Here’s what I would do: First, go see the doc about this, since the bloating is NOT normal and may be caused by something else. (For example, if the cold virus attacked your nervous system, then there might be some temporary damage causing your autonomic functions to not work properly.) I might also recommend you grab yourself some DGL and have it before meals. you can get this at the local health food store, or through This will help protect your stomach lining against all the acid. You also might want to start adding a lot of turmeric to your meals for the next few days. This has been shown to help with acid reflux.

I would agree with you when you say that it makes your GERD symptoms worse. I caught this gastro virus at the beginning of January,(the reason I was pretty sure that it was a gastrobug was because of the way it came on, and that a week after I got sick my wife came down with the same symptoms) and it is only now starting to subside somewhat. My doctor had me checked for parasites, and viruses, also, because I just turned 50, I had my first colonoscopy, and everything checked out fine. So whatever virus I had was gone by the time I was tested.

For the moment, stop the Pepcid (an H2 inhibitor) since it doesn’t seem to be working, and switch to a liquid like Maalox or something which’ll cover the esophagus, like Gaviscon. These should help with the pain. However, if this doesn’t seem to help within a day or 2, go to the store and pick up some hop over to these guys Prilosec OTC. (Omeprazole is the generic name); take one 20mg tablet every day. This should help some, but it takes a few days to start working. It’s safe to take Omeprazole (a PPI) with something like Maalox or Gaviscon, but wait at least an hour or 2 between each: don’t take them at the same time.

My wife and I had the worst stomach virus for 2 days this week and finally started feeling a bit better today. I hardly ate anything for 3 days however. Now today, I finally can eat some food, but i have the worst burning pain in my throat and I burp constantly. I get some random pains in my stomach now and then (remnant of the virus??) and a very sore back (again possibly from laying so much). My wife has most of the same symptoms also still. Was wondering if anyone has had this virus and if what I am feeling are the effects of it still? i have never had reflux this bad before although I have had mild cases. A friend has me thinking maybe my gall bladder has finally gone. BTW, I had mild D and only threw up once with the stomach virus. Now my stools are fine.

we are doing digestive enzymes, heartburn tablets, just tried slippery elm. we do homeopathics. i need help! my child is suffering and so am i. she is fine and full of energy and playful when she is not having the chest or tummy pains but when she does have them she lays on the couch sitting up and looks miserable. she keeps asking when she will get better. we are now on day 7 of the 2nd tummy bug and it’s been a month since the first one. if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction or have info about their own journey with this same experience i am all ears.

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