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Natural antacids can help to quickly get rid of the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. Change the way you eat. You can change the types and amounts of foods you eat in order to make your acid reflux better. Decrease the amount of food you eat at any one time. This reduces the stress pressure on your stomach. Don’t eat for 2-3 hours before bedtime in order to reduce the risk of food putting pressure on the LES as you try to sleep. Some home remedies for heartburn help to soothe irritation and inflammation in your throat and food pipe. This can help to prevent damage caused by the acidic juices and even assist in healing an irritated throat and esophagus.

Acid reflux is an extremely common health problem, affecting as many as 50 percent of Americans. Other terms used for this condition are gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or peptic ulcer disease. One-half to one full teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in an eight-ounce glass of water may ease the burn of acid reflux as it helps neutralize stomach acid. I would not recommend this as a regular solution but it can sure help in an emergency when you are in excruciating pain. You can also drink baking soda by mixing half a teaspoon of the powder, a few drops of lemon juice and a half-cup of warm water for a safer option.

If you’ve never experienced acid reflux, consider yourself lucky. It happens when acid and partially digested food rises into your esophagus. You might experience burning in your throat. Continued experiences can cause a lump in your throat, a sour taste in your mouth, and scars in the esophagus. Long-term acid reflux can cause esophageal cancer. Anyone can develop an occasional bout of heartburn. Eating certain foods, such as fried, spicy or fatty foods may lead to reflux. It also may occur more often in people who are overweight.

You also have unexplained weight loss along with acid reflux symptoms. Eating foods that are more alkaline than acidic will also help to control acid reflux. In addition, raw vegetables, fruit and nuts all help to keep your digestive system healthy and are easy to digest. Chewing gum is also beneficial because it helps to increase saliva, which is alkaline. Avoid foods that increase heartburn symptoms and consume speaking of more foods that prevent excess stomach acid. Eating smaller meals to reduce pressure on the esophagus will also be beneficial. And the evening meal should not be eaten too close to bedtime. Leave at least two hours before going off to bed or resting in a prone position. Taking a walk after eating will also help as the gentle exercise helps to massage the stomach and ease the passage of food and gas.

One commonly used “natural” heartburn remedy is calcium It’s also the active ingredient in many over-the-counter antacids. You can drink apple cider vinegar for heartburn and acid reflux because it contains beneficial bacteria that can help digestion. What are the types of natural alternatives to antacids that you can use to treat acid reflux pain and discomfort? Here are a few remedies that have an antacid effect that many people have found effective. Apple cider vinegar. One natural remedy you can drink for heartburn is diluted apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar also contains probiotics, and there is anecdotal evidence that regularly drinking apple cider vinegar can help to reduce heartburn symptoms.

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