How To Treat Acid Reflux With Apples

Acid reflux is a condition caused by the failure of the esophageal sphincter to properly close. Soda: It doesn’t get much more acidic than soda; in fact, soda is actually more acidic than anything found in nature, notes Koufman. The acid damages those valves. Plus, carbonation increases stomach pressure. Many people with GERD find that certain foods trigger their symptoms. No single diet can prevent all symptoms of GERD, and food triggers are different for everyone. You should speak with your doctor if your symptoms persist. Together, you can develop a treatment plan that works best for you. Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid moves upwards into the esophageal tract, leading to a burning sensation and feeling of irritation. Cayenne pepper, with its spicy taste, can trigger acid reflux. It is included in a list of foods to avoid if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD, which is chronic acid reflux. If you have GERD or if you have regular acid reflux, avoid eating cayenne pepper as it may trigger the reaction.

Fried and fatty foods can cause the LES to relax, allowing more stomach acid to back up into the esophagus. These foods also delay stomach emptying. Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s a natural treatment for heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems. You can add grated or sliced ginger root to recipes or smoothies or drink ginger tea to ease symptoms. Coffee: Not only is it inherently acidic, but the caffeine it contains also generates additional stomach acid. If you must sip, decaf generally has lower acid levels than regular.

You can take several steps, in addition to avoiding cayenne and other spicy foods if you acid reflux or GERD. Reduce your consumption of acidic foods and fatty foods. Similarly, reduce your meal size as larger meals may require more stomach acid for digestion. MedlinePlus also recommends that you not eat right before you go to bed, wear looser fitting clothes and, if what google did to me necessary, lose weight. One of the best home remedies for acid reflux is adjusting your diet. Avoiding spicy foods and fried foods is a good way to avoid acid reflux, and you should also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. When you are careful about the foods that you are eating, you will find that you may be able to control your symptoms without medication.

Your stomach juices turn out to be less fluid when you eat anything. In case that your stomach is disturbed, an apple gives a soothing effect to it since you add something denser to your stomach. A stomach content that is less fluid, will more effectively remain inside the stomach. As an apple is easy to digest, it can go without inciting acid reflux. Apples contain large amounts of a soluble fiber known as pectin. Pectin may prevent a type of cholesterol from accumulating in the arterial walls. This can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease.

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