How To Treat Acid Reflux With Apples

The Bottom Line Is This: Natural remedies don’t have a whole lot of research to back up their results, but many people swear by apple cider vinegar as a cure for their heartburn. If you want to try it, check with your doctor first. At this point, there is no scientific proof for apples as a remedy for acid reflux. That is because no studies have been done to examine the effectiveness of apples for acid reflux. Baking soda acts as an antacid that neutralizes the stomach acid to a great extent. Baking soda helps to neutralize the acidity of apple cider vinegar and makes it not to cause any tooth enamel erosion or dental sensitivity.

Okay, so you’re intrigued enough to try this remedy. How should you take it? The most common recommendation is to mix one teaspoon to two tablespoons with eight ounces of water and drink before meals or when heartburn strikes. Some even suggest taking it on its own. You may have to experiment a little to find the dose that works for you. If you’re suffering from severe acid reflux (GERD) then mix 2 tablespoons each of apple cider vinegar and baking soda in 1 glass of water and drink it for twice daily to get rid of the problem.

Luckily, there are many solutions out there. Yes, you can go the pharmaceutical route if you want to. However, if you’re looking for a more natural, cost-effective, remedy you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to show you how you can deal with this problem by using a product that most people keep on hand in their pantry: apple cider vinegar. This is another easy step, but an important one. Since you are drinking vinegar, it’s important to remember that vinegar is an acidic substance. If you don’t dilute it with water it can have several negative effects on your body.

Drink it before taking meals or whenever you suffer from the attack of acid reflux. Apple cider vinegar is generally made from crushed apples Bacteria and yeast are added to ferment the liquid. At first, the liquid is similar to a hard apple cider because of the alcohol content. More fermentation click here! changes the alcohol into vinegar. In certain cases, the acid reflux occurs when there is enough stomach acid to break down or digest the food, which in turn, causes inflammation in the esophageal wall. So, in this case, apple cider vinegar (ACV) works best in treating acid reflux.

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