How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux And Candida

We all know that apple cider vinegar (ACV) has a lot of benefits for health and beauty. I feel like everyone that promotes this are all working for the apple cider vinegar industry. I have had nighttime reflux for the last 8 months or so and in desperation I tried apple cider vinegar (with a little honey) in hot water. I’m currently in my 40s. Since I was in grade school I’ve struggled with acid reflux – popping Tums and Rolaids every night for years, up through college. In my 20s, it got worse and food was getting stuck in my throat when I would eat. I had an endoscopy done and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia – the doctor put me on Nexium and I’ve been taking it ever since.

Also husband has developed areas in his stomach that have been damaged by the use of PPI. Kinda like acid craters created from the use of PPI. Not sure of the correct name. Thanks to you all, I decided to try the apple cider vinegar. I am strongly considering stopping the PPI medication today and starting the ACV recipe, but before I go against my specialists advice of PPI treatment, I wondered if anyone has had a camera inspection before and after self-medicating with ACV, and whether there had been any change in the cells in the oesophagus? Basically, I don’t want to take ACV if it only masks the symptoms, but is still doing harm and turns the tiny amount of Barretts in to something serious.

Also supposed to put 1 tbsp of ACV in 4 ounces room temperature water and then some raw honey to make it taste good. Many also say to drink alkaline water but that doesn’t make sense to me because that’s an antacid. Alkaline neutralizes acid. I take 2 tsp of ACV in half a cup of warm water twice a day for reflux. I am now trying to address my issue with apple cider vinegar. I have fought my urges to reach for the milk, baking soda, Alka-Seltzer, etc, and instead suck down a shot of ACV. To avoid the damage towards enamel on your teeth, you should use a straw to drink the solution. Consult a doctor if your heartburn symptoms do not improve or worsen overtime of using.

Apple cider vinegar worked very well for me for a long time for acid reflux. Eventually it stopped working all together. Most people experience the occasional episode of heartburn and although unpleasant, it is generally nothing to worry about. Frequent or constant heartburn however can be a serious problem and is the most common symptom of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). I have been using ACV, one tablespoon with a full glass of water once a day – I am happy to say that this dose is adequate for the acid reflux that I was having.

Many people find the taste of apple cider vinegar to be sharp or sour. You may consider adding honey to the solution to taste. All the same, your husband’s approach seems benign. He should rinse his mouth with plain water and hold off on brushing his teeth for at least half an hour after taking his vinegar official source and honey mixture. Vinegar can soften the dentine of the teeth so that toothbrush bristles might be too abrasive. After half an hour, though, that should not be a significant problem. As soon as I hit 30, years ago, I noticed instant problems with heartburn and started searching for natural remedies.

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