The 4 Magic Best Baby Formulas For Acid Reflux

Enfamil’s Nutramigen – This formula is truly hypoallergenic and made for babies who cannot have milk based options or soy. An added bonus is that it will actually help your little one to possibly outgrow their allergy. Similac Alimentum Hypoallergenic Infant Formula may not be for everyone given its price, but if you can afford it, it will certainly not disappoint. Otherwise, you may consider going for Enfamil’s Nutramigen (read our review below). In any case, both are the best formula for acid reflux which is why they are a tie at number 4.

Most will agree that the downside of this formula is its smell but this should be the least of your concern as long as it works to help your baby’s colic and gas. Your baby and you will get used to the smell soon, anyway. Sometimes our kiddos are just grumpy, but feeding time should generally be comforting and something they look forward to. If every feeding is a battle, there might be something going on that you should get checked out. If they have infant reflux, this grumpiness is a result of their tummies or throats being irritated.

Similar to acid reflux in adults, acid reflux in infants can be made worse by their position, especially after eating. Because very young infants can’t sit up by themselves, make sure your infant remains upright for 30 minutes after eating. This will help aid digestion before your child sleeps. Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort, the Anti-colic baby bottle helps your baby sleep well and digest properly. Unlike other bottles, the Airflex venting system reduces air ingestion. As your baby feeds, the valve that is integrated into the nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle to prevent vacuum build up and vents the air to the back of the bottle. It keeps air in the bottle away from the baby’s tummy to help reduce gas, spit-up and burping.

Studies have shown (like this one ), that goat’s milk digests in the stomach more similarly to breastmilk than regular cow’s milk. This means that babies who often struggle with constipation or reflux when using cow’s milk-based formula will often do much better on goat’s milk formula. This formula, like our previous suggestion, contains complete nutrition for your baby and provides DHA, ARA, and lutein supplements necessary for brain and eye development. Similarly, it also has prebiotics to promote good bacteria for your baby’s healthy digestive system. Another point to note is that Similac prides itself in not using palm olein oil which has been under much debate over its safety to health despite its widespread use.

The two most common medications in treating acid reflux in the US are Zantac and Prevacid. Zantac doesn’t actually reduce the amount of acid in your baby’s tummy, it just makes it less acid-y (another technical term from yours truly). For this reason, babies can be on Zantac for longer periods of time. It can take several weeks, however to kick in and make a difference. Formula Feeding and a replacement Reflux: Regurgitating the Basics. Following normal developmental timeline, refluxes due to immature LES should dissipate by the time your baby turns one, if not then no later than 18 months. Note that cases of reflux is also more prevalent among prematurely born babies since most of their organs have not yet reached the level of development and maturity when compared to full term babies.

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