Apple Cider Vinegar And Baking Soda Tonic For Acid Reflux

The apple cider vinegar and baking soda tonic is a natural remedy for acid reflux. Friday is the start of the next three-week period in which PPI use is lowered to every third day. I plan to do this for another three weeks and then consult with my family physician to share results and maybe request blood work to ensure I’m not wreaking havoc somewhere else. I’m hopeful by this time my body will have adjusted somewhat to the production of normal stomach acid again and, coupled with continued use of ACV, view PPI ingestion as increasingly unnecessary. But I’m also trying to stay realistic and not be discouraged by trying to reverse the effects of 10 years of continuous PPI use in 6 weeks. We’ll see.

But ACV is not the cure for reflux. I define a cure as when you take a substance or nutrient for a while and your symptoms go away. And then, when you stop taking that nutrient, the problem does not come back. If you take ACV then you are just treating the symptoms by just more increasing stomach acidity – but you are not treating the core reason for your reflux problem, which is lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. So that’s why when you stop taking the ACV the reflux usually comes back because you still have the low stomach acid problem.

Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of water twice a day to help lower blood pressure. The high potassium values in both natural healing substances helps to balance out sodium levels in the body, which aids in maintaining blood pressure within healthy limits. Apple cider vinegar and honey also contain magnesium, a mineral that works to relax blood vessel walls and thus lower high blood pressure. To maximize the benefit of this and other home remedies, take the holistic approach, and couple this with dietary modifications such as a reduced fat and salt intake, increased fiber intake, moderate coffee and alcohol, no smoking, and daily exercise.

Okay. Here’s my advice to acid reflux. If you take the “medication” traditionally given for reflux, what happens is that it depletes the acid in your stomach and then you don’t digest your food properly. I was on medication for 11 years and decided there was a better way. There are a slew of side effects from taking those suggested meds. This is what I came up with on my search for something better to cure this problem. I was very skeptical that it would work but I thought what the heck I’ll try it and it worked.

The next day I regrouped with the goal of trying again in case the experience was exacerbated by something I ate or another factor. I returned to the every other day regimen for the next week at which time my symptoms quickly returned to what they had been during the first 3 weeks, quite manageable. At the end of the fourth week I tried again going to every third day but with the same results. I had gas issues in beginning, lots of bowels in different colors as my body detoxed and adjusted and a few Gerd breakthroughs to which I used Prevacid AC.

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